NYC + Quebec

Last month my sister and I took a trip across the country for 10 days and let me tell you. I could 100% live the jetsetter life. It all started a little like this… All of our friends were planning a trip to Canada to see another one of our friends who lives in Montreal. Courtney and I decided that we most definitely could not be on that side of the country and that close to Manhattan to not see our favorite girls, the Siedmans. So it started a little like this…

Saturday the 29th we went to our friends GORGEOUS wedding, got home around 2am, left for the airport around 6am, flight got delayed until 10:30am, got to Newark around 7pm. It started out hectic until we finally got into the city. Then all was well.

Alyssa and Lindsey took us in for 4 days and we got to do the city like true New Yorkers. Zero plans and all the time in the world to roam and take in our favorite city. We toured the amazing Facebook NY where Alyssa works (seriously SO FREAKIN COOL), drank wine on the roof of their apt building with the most perfect view of the Empire State Building, hit all our favorite tourist points, and most importantly… WE ATE ALL THE YUMMY FOOD. I’m talking at least one bagel a day.

On the 5th day we headed to the airport around 3am… talk about the quietest Uber ever. We some how got upgraded to first class and were headed to Montreal!

From then on it was crazy. We spent 5 days in Quebec running through Montreal and Mont-Tremblant with true Canadians and had a freakin BLAST. All the food was amazing, the people were beyond sweet, and the city + mountains were insanely beautiful! We even hiked Mont-Tremblant from bottom to top which was well… hell 😂 but so worth it. Let’s just say our Canadian friends are a tad bit more active than we are on a day to day basis. Our motivation was the bar they kept saying was at the top… that was closed 🤦🏽‍♀️. But in the end we had an amazing time in the coolest cabin with the best people.

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