Luong Family Photos Encinitas, CA

Okay seriously this was the most fun I have ever had at a family session. And I mean like EVER. I highly suggest you guys take notes from these three on how to have a freakin blast while getting the cutest family photos to hang on your walls! Constant smiles and zero stress about if little man was cooperating exactly how we wanted. We captured their family exactly how they spend their days… happy, loving, and relaxed. 

Parents are always so stressed about if their kiddo is going to smile perfectly for me to capture that amazing Christmas card photo that 60% of the time the kids can feel that negative energy before even starting. Let me tell you… you’re setting yourself up for disaster!

Take a deep breath, chase them around, love on them, RELAX!! 

Expecting LESS STRUCTURE and MORE FUN will create images that will last a lifetime!

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