Carmen + Maraya’s San Diego Proposal

Carmen and Maraya are good family friends of my family for a long time and Carmen is also one of Brock’s best friends. Carmen called me end of February and asked what I was doing on March 3rd and my instant reaction was “Why?! What’s happening?!”. I knew there was a good reason he was calling me and not Brock to make plans. 🤔 HE WAS PROPOSING and he had the sweetest plan with every detail thought out. I went with him the day before and we made sure the spot was going to work and made a game plan for the route he would bring Maraya to make sure I wasn’t seen. We went to the store and got all the snacks for the little boat they would be cruising Mission Bay in and we even raided Brock’s closet because who has time to shop for new clothes when you’re trying to hide a proposal from your girlfriend, right? Everything went off without a hitch (minus Carmen’s pants ripping as he went down on one knee 😂) and Maraya was only slightly catching on by the time it was actually happening!

Definitely interested in tagging along on any other proposal plans and helping execute if anyone is planning on making it happen any time soon 😉

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