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Did ya miss me?

I’ve been told lately I need to blog more and it didn’t hit me that it really needed to be done until I started having sessions that I was so extremely obsessed with that I wanted to share all the photos but also don’t want to drive my followers crazy! SO… I have decided to blog again and, of course, I will start with some of my favorites; Jake, Steph, and Levi! 

Stephanie asked a few months back if we could do photos of Levi for his second birthday this year and with our busy, busy schedules it was almost impossible to set a date. We finally found time and I was lucky enough to get the whole fam dolled up to snap away this last Sunday! Side note: Steph sent me a photo of Levi earlier in the day in his little flannel and chucks and my heart nearly exploded. SO DANG CUTE! Any who.. We made our way to one of my favorite Murrieta locations and trekked through the trees until we found the perfect spot. As any session with a toddler would go, Levi wasn’t quite feeling like sitting on a box and smiling for me (I probably wouldn’t want to either) BUT with him being just as cute as he is we still got the most adorable shots. 

We laughed, we cried, we danced, we peek-a-boo’d, we hugged, and we played with sticks. Basically the best session ever. I hope you love these photos as much as I do because I really do.

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