Temecula Based Photographer // FAQ


Do you travel?

HECK YES I DO! I’m based in Southern California but am one of those weird few who freakin’ loves everything about traveling. Like even the airports and planes… I’m about 5’6 so I think maybe I’m just the right height to not hate them? Who knows! Any who. I am more than willing to hop on a plane or road trip to wherever your little heart desires to get some awesome shots! 

what should we wear?

I’m no fashion guru but I have learned a few things over time and have a few suggestions for outfits! I notice a few colors really make photos pop and a few colors that really aren’t my favorite. Check out my Pinterest board here for all things clothing. 

where should we shoot?

I have a few locations that I love but am 1000% down to shoot somewhere new so if you have an idea SPEAK UP. If you’re not sure and need a little help I will send you my location guide with tons of photo examples once your deposit is received. 

are we gonna have a blast?

YES. I should definitely forewarn you that I’m an introverted extrovert. Makes no sense but it does. I thoroughly enjoy my time by myself not talking to people but I also crave that connection with people to just learn their story and get to know them and get super hyper. So yes. We are going to talk, laugh, and maybe even cry (overactive tear duct probs). Basically just be ready.

How will i receive my photos?

You’ll receive your photos in an online album that is perfectly curated and holds your photos for safe keeping. It allows for you to download your photos individually, create a folder of your favorites, or simply download the entire set. It rocks.


hi, i'm Shelly.



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