Temecula Based Photographer // Behind the Lens


I’m based in Temecula, CA where we’re an hour from the beach, an hour and a half from the snow, 2 minutes from acres and acres of wine country, and have ridiculously bipolar weather. I always loved photography growing up but was one of those kids who hated trying new things unless I knew for sure I’d be good at it. I would snap away with my digital camera on family vacays, poke my little fingers through the fence at my brother’s baseball games to get those killer action shots, and edit just about every photo I took to try and make them look fancy (I’ve gotten better, I promise). But it wasn’t until Christmas of 2014 that I was given the chance to take photography seriously when I was gifted my first DSLR and I probably put over 30,000 clicks on it in 2015 alone and that’s without any sessions. 2016 I announced I was going to do photography professionally and boy, am I glad I did! I’ve grown immensely since then and am beyond grateful to be able to capture the most amazing moments in people’s lives. I freakin love my job. I still can’t believe I get to hangout with amazing people in epic places for a living!

I want to capture the real you. Genuine love, emotion, movement, giggles, smiles, snuggles, tears, everything. I want you to see your photos on the walls of your home and only be able to think about the emotions you felt in that exact moment. I want you to be able to cherish these times and hold them in your hearts and hands even when time moves on. The posey smile at the camera photos are great don’t get me wrong… but the moments in between the poses when you’re joking around, laughing, and having fun are the moments you truly want to remember for the rest of your lives because that’s YOU. I want to capture the moments in between the big moments that you love but sometimes brush off because well, life’s crazy and time flies.


I’m a friends expert, carb lover, dessert devourer, adventure seeker, anything and cheese addict, country music junkie, wine sipper, photo hoarder (probably could’ve guessed this one), travel enthusiast, and would do anything and everything for my family and the people I love.


hi, i'm Shelly.



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